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Netflix for Android

Netflix (online TV service). This app, according to statements of Google and its developers ( Netflix, Inc. ) is the leading in the world in the number of subscriptions to view movies in this online movie theater where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows, and now from your favorite device, whether phone or tablet on Android — doesn’t matter, the app will give you a complete set of all the functions available on the PC.


Netflix free Download

What is nice — to subscribe immediately after installation is optional, because each new user offer a trial month, during which you will be able to see the repertoire, quality and rate all the amenities, if you like — feel free to make a subscription, if not — no problem, delete and forget, but in practice this happens infrequently. At the moment, this resource has about 40 million customers from around the world…


By the way this service works with 1997 and in addition to Android and PC to your account and the relevant app you will be able to find and for iOS, Mac OS, Smart TV and consoles the last two generations, so if you have a lot of devices on different operating systems without problems, Netflix will be at every!


Netflix apk Features:

  • paying a small fee for membership you get unlimited access to movies and TV shows
  • the service is available around the clock and is constantly updated with new releases
  • huge list of devices supporting this service
  • very convenient search
  • special ratings and the ability to choose movies to your taste
  • have the ability to start watching on one device and finish on another, all the data stored in your account
    well, as you know, for work you need Internet
  • Netflix is a very convenient app and service which made it “for the people”, to some extent, an indispensable thing for those who can not live without TV series and the movie and decide for yourself 😉

Download free Netflix for Android

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