Norton Mobile Security Download for Android

Norton Mobile Security app for Android

Norton Mobile Security protects information on mobile devices, allowing you to avoid theft or loss of personal data. The app provides preventive protection and is available on multiple platforms, including Android.

The trial version allows you to use all features during one month, after which additional functionality is disabled. If you want you can upgrade to Premium with a paid subscription.

Norton Mobile Security allows you to control traffic in real time and in case of transmission of a suspicious data notifies you. Like other similar applications, there are funds for a comprehensive interaction with the operating system.

The user can backup their data to block calls from certain numbers or to protect themselves from theft by using anti-theft module.

Norton Mobile Security Download free

Norton Mobile Security has a special function “app Advisor”, providing information on possible security threats from the installed software. Means for blocking access to individual programs and components are also available, but you need to install the Norton App Lock.

Among the advanced features include the ability to shooting on the front camera, which is activated via remote access, if the phone was stolen.[/b] Also with Norton Mobile Security you can configure the automatic locking device in case of withdrawal of the SIM card.

Norton Mobile Security apk

Visually, the app looks very stylish and modern – all functions are divided into five tabs, switchable on the main screen. The settings in the program a little, for example, you can change the notification settings or set the period for automatic scanning.

Norton Mobile Security well adapted for devices on Android, but the cost of a paid subscription at the moment is slightly overestimated. On the other hand, according to the app’s page on Google Play to USA the price is and do 30$ at the average exchange rate of the dollar at least twice as expensive.

Download free Norton Mobile Security for Android

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