PUBG Mobile for Android

Thanks to the new engine UE 4, the mobile version is not inferior in graphics and detail to his older brother for the PC. The main essence of the game also remained unchanged.

In PUBG Mobile on Android, all the game battles unfold on the well-known maps, where you also need to survive at any cost, entering into dangerous skirmishes with other users. Pick up various equipment and ammunition, trying to gain critical mass faster than other players and bring yourself into full combat readiness.

 PUBG app
PUBG app

Once you feel that you have sufficient strength, go after the playing area and try to gain a foothold in it, so that by the end of the battle to remain the only survivor on the map.

The developers turned out to port the game to Android devices quite qualitatively, and now PUBG MOBILE is one of the best shooters for Android phones and tablets.

PUBG MOBILE – appeared in the offers of mobile games, this application instantly gained popularity.

At the moment, it is on the same line along with no less famous game. Especially gamers will appreciate the fact that the legendary game completely copies its counterpart on the PC.

Those who have ever played PUBG on the computer will be able to use their skills in the mobile version, tune in to control. 

PUBG for android download
PUBG for android download

If we talk briefly about the game, its essence boils down to the fact that at one location (large enough in size) trying to survive 99 people.

Only one of them can become a winner. First, you jump with a parachute from the plane, and they choose where to land.

Each player has his own tactics is Pubg Mobile for android : one jump in built-up areas (city) for a quick search for weapons, others – in the desert, and others – on the island. Next, a round zone is randomly formed, which gradually narrows.

It is almost impossible to predict how the area will be narrowed. To become a winner in Pubg Mobile, you need to collect a sufficient number of weapons (rifle, machine gun, shotgun, grenades, etc.) and reliable protection (bulletproof vest, helmet).

PUBG Mobile APK Download
PUBG Mobile APK Download

While there is no body armor and helmet, as well as firearms in battle it is better not to get involved. Weapons and equipment appear in a random order.

Just sit in one place will not work. The zone is constantly narrowing and you need to always stay in the circle, otherwise health will be spent. Each player has his own tactics: some move along with the narrowing of the zone, others occupy its center, etc

The size of the playing area is very large, but such distances are very convenient to overcome on different vehicles. These are several types of cars, motorcycles, water transport.

PUBG MOBILE full Apk Only
PUBG MOBILE full Apk Only

You need to move the car very carefully, because the hidden enemy can hear the noise of the engine from afar and release the entire clip into the windshield.

Users appreciate the convenience of shooting, despite the fact that all the action takes place on a small screen. You can play not only alone Pubg Mobile apk , but also a group.

We’ll have to fight against the same armed groups. Pubg Mobile is constantly updated, but in the current version of the game is very interesting.

PUBG MOBILE Apk Download

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