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How do you obtain video from your old VHS tapes to your ultra-modern electronic gizmos? SanDisk’s service is a little device called a V-Mate: a little box with card-reader slots in the front as well as analogue TV adapters in the back.

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Having actually opened the box, I uncover that it has composite video clip adapters (the type with yellow, red, and white plugs). I had to get 2 SCART-to-composite adapters before I might plug it into our system between TiVo as well as the TV. When switched over to stand-by or turned off, V-Mate passes video clip via unchanged, behaving just like the SCART cable television it changed. So you could leave it there perched on the AV pile, and also just change it on when you require it.

You control the V-Mate with a dinky remote. You could establish the format to conserve video in, or simply say you intend to save it ‘for TV or PC’ as well as it will videotape MPEG-4 at 640 × 480 at 25 frames/second (regarding 20 MB/minute, so a 1-GB card would certainly hold 50 minutes). That is actually a greater rate compared to my four-year-old PowerBook 12 ″ could play back without faltering in low-performance (power-saving) mode.

VMate app You remain in a twist of mazy video styles, all alike

I want to be able to report that I tape-recorded video utilizing the V-Mate and played it back on all my tools without any hassle. Rather my Nokia N800 Web Tablet claims it does not recognize the.mp4 file from the V-Mate. I do not believe this trouble specifies to the V-Mate; it experiences the exact same absence of interoperability that annoys everyone who aims to removal video clips around.

You can additionally ask V-Mate of what it calls 3GP documents. These limit you to a resolution of 320 × 240 and a frame-rate of 15 frames/second. The N800 can repeat 3GP fine, so it would seem that this is the layout to use if I intend to take films with me to play back on the N800 somehow. It is not the style I would utilize if extracting clips to edit in to a video clip task, because of the lower resolution. As well as, when I attempt to play among these files back on the Mac, the picture is empty!

After several attempts to generate video clip content I can play on my Nokia, I am starting to find to the conclusion that this is developing into a little bit of a farce: I attempt various variants on the export choices, and nothing works in the N800. I believe I have to look for a definitive listing of video clip codecs it supports.

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I am uncertain just what to conclude at this beginning, other than those individuals composing specifications need to think very carefully regarding making their requirements versatile in ways that wind up with non-interoperable implementations. It is specifically telling that unloading an MPEG-4 file as well as repacking it as an MPEG-4 file, without changing the video data itself, makes the distinction in between being understandable by the Nokia or not.

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